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Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v

Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v
Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v
Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v

Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v

Viper 350 Plus (Model 3105V). Car security and keyless entry system.

Viper's Model 3105V 1-way security system will deter most criminal attacks against your vehicle and the property you keep inside it. You'll feel safe and secure no matter where you park. The system uses features like Starter Kill, which prevents hot-wiring, and a dual-stage. Shock sensor, which warns you if someone tries to get into your car. The system's 6-tone siren chirps an early warning in the case of. An intrusion attempt, and then unleashes an ear-splitting blast if the intrusion continues, chasing away crooks and attracting attention. Whether you're shopping, dining out, or hitting the clubs, you can be sure that your car will be exactly where you left it. Viper includes a control center in this security package that includes a valet switch, a bright blue LED status indicator that tells would-be.

Thieves that there's a security system onboard, and a special RF receiver and antenna, which extends the range of the system's remotes. To over a quarter mile. Automotive keyless entry and security system.

Two 4-button 1-way transmitters up to 1500-foot range. Lock/arm, unlock/disarm, auxiliary, and panic. Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping® for added security. Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor chirps when the vehicle's bumped and sets off the alarm with further violations. Neo Revenger® 6-Tone Siren 120 dB weatherproof siren.

Failsafe® Starter Kill prevents hot-wiring. Two auxiliary channels, dome light supervision, and parking light flash. Overview: The Viper 350 Plus 1-way car security system, Model 3105V, will protect your vehicle with the most up-to-date electronic. Technologies available, including the Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, the Revenger six-tone siren, and the Failsafe Starter Kill. The system comes with two 4-button 1-way remotes.

The system features 2 auxiliary outputs to provide keyless entry and other. ESP2: The Viper Model 3105V features ESP2, Viper's exclusive serial communications protocol that allows extra ultra security. High-speed communication between systems, and enables many of Viper's key features. Clone-Safe Code-Hopping: To prevent the unauthorized cloning of the remote's transmitter, the receiver and remote controls each. Use mathematical algorithms to change their codes each time the remote is used.

The control unit knows what the next codes should be. Even if you use the remote control out of range of the vehicle or the battery has been removed.

Should the remote and control unit ever. Get "out of sync", you can easily re-sync the remote by pressing the "lock" button several times within range of the vehicle. Failsafe Starter Kill: To prevent your vehicle from being stolen, the control unit has a built-in relay which will disable the starter. The Automatic Engine Disable (AED) feature, when programmed "on, " disables the starter 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off. To start the car, it will be necessary to disarm the system with the remote control.

Revenger Siren: The Model 3105V includes the Revenger Soft Chirp siren (model 514LN). It consists of six different tones in sequence.

Tones 2 through 6 can be eliminated by cutting the black/white wire loop, resulting in a single tone siren. The siren chirps can be either. Full volume or six decibels quieter than the 120dB full alarm blast.

Impacts to the vehicle or glass. The sensitivity of the shock sensor is adjustable on the control module. When the sensitivity is set, a light.

Impact will generate the "Warn-Away" pre-warning chirp of the siren. A harder impact will trigger a full alarm blast. XR Plus: The remote and control unit utilize Viper's exclusive XR Plus technology, with Super Heterodyne Extreme Long Range receiver.

To enhance the range of the remote controls, a separate plug-in antenna is included with the alarm. The working range of the. System is approximately 1500 feet. Remote Controls: The Model 3105V includes two 4-button, 1-way remote transmitters. The buttons control the following features and. Functions of the security system. Lock Button: Locks the doors and arms the vehicle. Unlock Button: Unlocks the doors and disarms the vehicle. AUX Button: Activates Silent Mode and Auxiliary Output functions. Red "Asterisk" Button: Panic functions.

Combination: combining Lock and Unlock buttons together will control an Auxiliary Output. Passive Arming: You can activate or arm the system by pressing the Lock button for one second (Active Arming). Will respond with a short siren chirp. If you have connected the vehicle's power door locks to the system, the doors will lock. Can be programmed to arm itself automatically (Passive Arming).

If programmed for passive arming, the system will arm 30 seconds after. The ignition is turned off and the system detects that you have left the vehicle by opening and closing a door. A warning chirp is sounded 20. Seconds after the last door is closed to indicate the system is about to arm. At the 30 second mark, the parking lights will flash to indicate the.

Auxiliary Outputs: Convenience options, such as remote control trunk release and window automation, are available through the system's. One function is controlled by pressing the AUX button, while the other is controlled by pressing Lock and Unlock. Silent Mode: The Silent Mode allows you to temporarily turn off the arm or disarm chirps.

When in the Silent Mode, the Warn Away response. To lighter impacts is bypassed, however, the alarm remains fully capable of triggering a full alarm. Control Center: The alarm includes a self-adhesive Control Center which serves multiple purposes.

The control center houses the system. Antenna for receiving commands from the remotes. It also contains the Valet button and a bright blue status LED. It connects to the Control.

Module via a ribbon cable, and is typically adhered to the upper part of the windshield. Dome Light Control: When you disarm the alarm, the system will activate the dome light inside the vehicle for approximately 30 seconds. In addition, you can set the system to turn on the dome light when the ignition is turned off. This feature can be programmed on or off.

Valet Mode: You can prevent the system from automatically arming and triggering by using the Valet Mode. This is very useful when washing. The vehicle or having it serviced. In Valet Mode, the security system will not arm, even with the remote control, but all convenience features.

(door locks, trunk release) continue to work normally. Power Door Locks: The system will interface with negative-switching and positive-switching factory power door lock systems.

With any other type of factory door lock systems, or when adding aftermarket actuators, two relays. If your vehicle requires the use of a Data Integration module that controls your factory door locks, no extra parts, besides the. Data Integration module, will be required. Nuisance Prevention Circuitry: The Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC) prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences due to faulty door.

Pin switches or environmental conditions, such as thunder, jackhammers, airport noise, etc. If the alarm triggers three times within a 60 minute. Period, and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, the NPC ignores, or bypasses, that sensor or switch along with any other. Sensors or switches sharing the same zone for 60 minutes. Vehicle Recovery System (VRS): The VRS feature is designed to ensure that any unauthorized user of your vehicle even if using your keys.

And remote control will not be able to permanently separate you from your vehicle. After the ignition is turned on, you can arm the VRS with the. Once armed, the system will initiate the following sequence if any door is opened and closed. 15 Seconds after the last door has closed, the system status LED begins flashing to give you time to distance yourself from your vehicle.

In the event of a carjacking. 45 Seconds later, the siren begins chirping and parking lights begin flashing. 15 Seconds after the siren chirps begin, the siren's output changes to a full blast. From this point on, when the ignition key is turned off. The VRS will immediately turn on the starter kill feature, preventing the vehicle from being restarted.

3 Minutes after the constant siren begins, the flashing parking lights and the siren will stop, and the starter kill remains active until the s. If the door is opened or ignition is turned off and on in an attempt to restart the car, the siren and light flashing will. Optional Accessories: The Viper Model 3105V can accept a wide range of convenience and security accessories from Viper and XpressKit.

SmartStart: The Viper SmartStart module lets you start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone. Available SmartStart modules include the VSM200, VSM250, and VSM50BT. (separate remote start system required).

Additional Remotes: Replacement or additional 7145V remotes for Model 3105V. Field Disturbance Sensor detects movement inside or just outside of your vehicle. For glass impact audio detection.

To monitor the tilting of your parked vehicle (caused by an attempt to jack up or tow your vehicle). Ultrasonic Sensor: XpressKit 509U to monitor the airspace inside your vehicle to detect subtle window tampering. Siren with Backup Battery: XpressKit 515R for an optional siren with a battery backup. Viper/DEI Factory Refurbished Alarms Have 100% New items, wires, remotes, siren, etc, ONLY THE BRAIN is factory refurbished. The item "VIPER 350 PLUS 1-WAY CAR ALARM VEHICLE SECURITY SYSTEM KEYLESS ENTRY 3105V" is in sale since Sunday, June 28, 2015. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Car Alarms & Security\Car Alarms & Security Systems". The seller is "a2z-car-audio-superstore" and is located in United States. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, China, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russian federation, Israel, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi arabia, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Croatia, Malaysia.
  • Type: Car Alarm
  • Brand: Viper
  • Model: 3105V 350 PLUS
  • MPN: VIPER 3105V 350 PLUS
  • Features: Keyless Entry
  • Number of Remotes Included: 2

Viper 350 Plus 1-way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System Keyless Entry 3105v